Upcoming Books

Been working on this for awhile now and have made a few references to it, but I think now is a good time to share more info on my two upcoming books.

The first book is The Outsiders: Book One. It includes “I think my grandfather might be a serial killer”, the House of the Claw stories, the Outsider stories, the Twins’ story, and new stories not posted on nosleep and exclusive to the book.

As I’ve said before, this additional material will hopefully be very interesting and enjoyable to read, but it will not be the last part of some cliffhanger story, etc. If I start a story on the internet, you will never have to pay to finish that story. The extra material is to add value and include things that might not be suitable for nosleep or elsewhere.

And heads up, new Outsider and House of the Claw stories are coming to nosleep in the next few days!

The second book is You saw something you shouldn’t have. This is going to be a collection of my other nosleep stories so far as well as new stories exclusive to the book.

My goal for both books is to offer a way for you to have a formatted, permanent copy of my stories if you want it, as well as a couple of extra stories on top.

If all goes according to plan, both of these books should be available in print and ebook versions within the next two months if not sooner. I welcome any thoughts or comments here or on reddit regarding the books themselves or the current draft of the cover art.

As always, thank you so much for reading my words and giving so much kindness back to me.

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