My new book, Incarnata, is now available!

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Increasingly disturbing Christmas decorations from a stranger. Simple phrases with sinister implications. A childhood monster that is all too real and lies waiting. These are some of the seventeen new horror stories by Brandon Faircloth, all of which connect to each other and to the realm of Incarnata–a wondrous and terrifying place filled with miracles and monsters. By the end, you will find yourself in the dark and silent halls of a cursed hotel, standing before a door that simply reads “The Halloween Room”. Turn the page, open the door, and step into Incarnata for yourself.

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Below you will find a link to all of my currently published books as well as various ways to contact me and keep up-to-date on upcoming books and sales.  At the moment I publish primarily through Amazon, and that includes Kindle, Kindle Unlimited, and print versions of my works.


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And that’s just the beginning.  I have a number of horror novels and short story collections that are all part of the same ever-growing world.  And you can find it all here.


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Thank you for visiting Verastahl. I’m Brandon Faircloth, and this website is a great way to contact me, get any news or updates, and find links to all of my horror books and posted stories. Aside from using the contact option on this site, you can also message me through Reddit, where my username is, unsurprisingly, Verastahl.

If you are writing me to ask about possible narration, illustration, or other adaptation of one of my works, the same communication channels are fine, but please note that in the subject heading if you can. Thanks again for visiting and I hope you enjoy my stories.

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