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Thank you for visiting Verastahl. I’m Brandon Faircloth, and this website is a great way to contact me, get any news or updates, and find links to all of my horror books and posted stories. Aside from using the contact option on this site, you can also message me through Reddit, where my username is, unsurprisingly, Verastahl.

If you are writing me to ask about possible narration, illustration, or other adaptation of one of my works, the same communication channels are fine, but please note that in the subject heading if you can. Thanks again for visiting and I hope you enjoy my stories.

Links to my published books and subreddit:


Barnes and Noble


Verastahl Subreddit

5 thoughts on “Welcome and Author Info

  1. Hey!
    I just read the avalable parts of “I think my grandfather might be a serial killer”
    And that story has made me interested in books again.
    Going to buy your book now!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. G’day mate, I just read all of your “Think my grandfather might be a serial killer” ones in like 2 days (would’ve done it all in one sitting to be honest but had no time) and I just wanna let you know you are already either the best, second best, or third best author I’ve ever read. No exaggeration. So I just wanted to let you know I already love you and keep going how you’re going you’re amazing.


  3. I just read The Honeymoon on creepypasta…

    By far the most captivating story I’ve read on any platform. I am literally smitten. I can’t wait to read the rest of your work.


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