Pre-order The Inner Dark now!

The Inner Dark is coming!

Magic touches everything in this world and every other.

Some seek it out for power or knowledge.

Others are trapped or hunted by it.

Then a house appears.  A field of sunflowers.  A door.  And across the threshold…

The Inner Dark.

The latest novel from Brandon Faircloth explores the magic and terror that connects so much of his expansive horror universe, including several lives that have been drawn deep inside its web.  Moving at a breakneck pace filled with chilling revelations and mind-bending twists, this is a seminal work for understanding threads that have and will be part of this ever-growing horrific tapestry that connects us all.  If you are prepared, this is your entry point into the Inner Dark.

The Outsiders: Book Two is out now!

The highly anticipated sequel to The Outsiders: Book One is now available! Join Dr. Barron and Jason as they face new foes, make new allies, and learn dark truths about the secret world in which they are both predator and prey. Culminating in a shocking finale that changes everything, you won’t be prepared for where The Outsiders series takes you next.

Available on Kindle, Kindle Unlimited, and print here.